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Don’t repent the mistakes you’ve made.For how would we have been able to learn and be a better person today?

The mistakes we have done,

The heights we have fallen from,

These are what have made us what we are-and what we will be.

How would we have known the importance of happiness had we not known what sadness is?

How would we have celebrated every little success had we not known what failure is?

How would we have loved life so dearly had we not known that death is sure?

Don’t regret whatever you have done,if nothing there will be at least a lesson you will learn from it.Don’t look back to a bad past and let it affect your today,instead pave way for a better tomorrow.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE with all your imperfections,your mistakes,your choices,your thoughts,your flaws and your inner self.

What would have been the YOU without the choices you have made-be it good or bad?

How would you have been without the feeling of cherishing  every little achievement of yours?

Life’s all about you and the people and things that surround you.Accept them,Keep living a imperfectly content life that’s solely YOURS.

Happy Living.

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When you were small,what was the best part of your day?

Was it getting to play with your buddies?your arts and crafts class where you got to play with your favorite colors?Or was it your dance lessons?You would look forward to it all the time.

Nothing can beat the feeling that comes with doing what pleases you.




But with time,you grew up,you got more responsibilities on your back,you got more busy and started running out of time.

But all this while,have you given up your hobbies?Have you kept that extremely talented self hidden inside you?Have you forgotten the things that you once loved doing?Are you complaining of a tasteless life while not giving time to all the essences of it?

Don’t let go of things that give you joy.From your hectic schedule,take out a little time for yourself and do anything that will de-stress you,make you smile and give you that incomparable feeling of satisfaction blended with happiness.

Every day,no matter how my day goes,i take out time to blog,make sketches,read a novel,few things that i love doing.It gives me a sense of satisfaction and good vibe that are precious.I’m sure that once you rediscover your long-lost hobbies,you will indeed be more happy and content.

Do what pleases you and see how your day transforms.You will see a happier self when you look in the mirror.


Don’t give up on your hobbies.Life’s too short to live without doing things you love.













Don’t ever think you are alone,

Have you but forgotten you are your own best friend??

After everything else failed and everyone gone,

Wasn’t your shadow the only one that followed your steps?

After asking suggestions from your friends,family and the wise ones you still are confused,

Did you look back once at your own heart and asked what YOU want and what you think you should do?

Follow your heart-for it never lies to you.The one who knows the best for you is-Yourself.So,the next time you are undecided about something,ask yourself and you will indeed know what to do.

Happy Living.


One of the best things about being a writer is the interactions I get to have with people who read what I write.Recently,one of my readers gave me a very thoughtful feedback after reading a post about getting over from the pains of the past and moving on in life.He said that it isn’t easy to actually get over bad memories and move on with life as easy as it is to say “Get over it already”.We don’t choose to keep bad memories with us,they choose to stay with us. And simply saying that we have to get over our hurtful memories to move forward in our lives with a happier and more positive outlook isn’t helpful enough,that I must write about HOW TO GET OVER IT instead.

This got me thinking how,we,given  our typical human nature,tend to search for quick-fix rules and proven solutions to every problem that comes our way even if it is life itself and the complex emotional problems associated with it that we are talking about.

Not a single person in this world is an expert on life problems and I am not an exception.Through my blog I tend to share what I feel about life and how we can live in a better way accepting the good and the bad in our life.I am not giving away or even preaching solutions,I am just giving suggestions that may help us in some way or the other towards a better and happier life.

Through this post, I want to share my outlook towards this issue and the way I see it.

I simply want to convey a message to all of you that :

 “You decide each and everything in your life, including getting over all the bad things”.

It is true that it’s easy to say things but hard to do the same.There are some things in life that simply cannot be done-like wiping away painful memories and sufferings.But,there are some things that we can do-what we can do is try…and gradually we will succeed,even if not completely.

Take,for instance,the attitude of positivism-You can’t be expected to stay happy when things are going bad with you,or get over the memoirs of a bad past when it haunts you.But,what we can do is-try our best to make things better and try our best to move on.

So you had a bad day-leave it behind and do something you love.Talk to your best friend or go for a happy movie hangout with friends,de-stress with your favorite pass-time or an interesting hobby ,spend some time alone if that’s what you need,go on a trip-do anything that will lift your mood but DON’T sit in a corner and sulk.Your day was bad-you are probably making it worse.

So you can’t get over the emotional breakdown caused  by a painful break-up,you gave your heart and soul to that relationship and now it’s shattered..You cannot turn around time and start all over again but what you can do is analyse what went wrong,learn from your past and focus on the better things that still are in your life-all the wonderful people you have around you with all their love and care.

Remember this-there aren’t hard and fast solutions for each and everything but there are solutions.

It is true that there are somethings which once broken can’t be mended again,but isn’t half the pain better than the feeling of the total sorrow?

Isn’t a hope for a better tomorrow a good choice than the belief of having a worthless life?

Isn’t believing that everything will be alright better than deciding that everything is over?

Life’s nothing but what we make of it.You decide whether you want to remain determined no matter the whole world wants to bring you down and your decision will be what you stand for.It all depends on you-to look at a situation and make your own decisions.All i want to say is:


Happy living.




Move on from the bad memories that haunt you,they’re gone.

Keep the lesson you learnt from them,they make you strong.

Keep the happy memories in your heart that  give you smiles,

They are what make our life and help us go miles.

Keep the moments of celebrating life and all the good things that come with it,

Let go of those times when life seemed hard and unfair ,its just not worth it.

Take with you the wise words of people who care and help you grow,

Leave the  words of bad company behind,the better way you already know.

Keep the love,kindness,wisdom and knowledge that you’ve gained all the way,

Let go of the hatred,jealousy, and things that break you apart,it’s not meant to stay.

Keep the good times in your heart and let go of the bad,

For life’s nothing but a long journey where you always move forward.

The best things in life are worth keeping for a lifetime.








Happy Living.


Another day has come,and soon it will end.Maybe it was just another day in your regular life with nothing significantly different ,maybe it was an adventurous day with fun filled activities,maybe it was a day spent hanging around with friends,maybe it was a day you spent lazing around in your room,maybe it was just a day you spent working on an important assignment in your office,it may be any kind of day,it may be every kind of day.

So, in this ordinary day,what have you done to make a difference?a difference in your life?a difference in your being there?a difference in your journey towards greater heights?


It maybe simple as passing on a smile to a stranger you meet on your way,you never know how much that person needed it.It maybe as easy as calling a friend who you’ve not seen since a long time to say hello,you never know you might just have lightened up that friend’s grumpy mood.

It maybe anything,don’t let a moment pass by without fully living it to the fullest.Thank your mom for that glass of juice she made you drink before you hurried out,Drop a coin or buy some food for the roadside beggar,Greet your colleagues with a smile,Take a moment to breathe in the aroma of the rich coffee and take a break from  work,Take a walk in the nearby park and enjoy the evening air,Have dinner with the entire family and talk of the things that happened during the day,Spend some time painting or your favorite hobby.These are the things that really matter,these are the things that make YOU.

Make memories,be grateful for your life,make the best of your existence by simply living your life in the best way.Do whatever makes you happy.The kindness,inner happiness,true relations,good health,all the simplicity around you is a blessing in disguise and as i say,THE GOOD LIFE.

SO go ahead,live your day up,make a memory.

Keep Living.xoxo.

“You can win”

You probably have heard this one somewhere before.You have heard it because it is the TRUTH.The only thing is that some of us haven’t yet realized what we really are capable of.

Sometimes,we hold back from some things because we find it too hard to do and are afraid of loosing.But by doing so,we are limiting ourselves from reaching new heights.Even if we had failed/lost,we could have had the satisfaction of at least trying it and knowing our weaknesses.

But,think once.Why restrict ourselves?Why not take a leap just because we are afraid of falling?While we still have the time,why restrain ourselves from fulfilling all our dreams today?

YOU CAN WIN.Take the first step.If you are willing to achieve a goal,give it your heart and soul .Success will follow.Plan your course of action,manage your time and take the leap.You can win and you will WIN.The winner in you just needs the determination and hard work.You are born a winner and you are destined to WIN.

Don’t be afraid of the consequences and never underestimate yourself.You can do anything you wish to.Start living to the fullest everyday.

Happy living.xoxo.


This is  a little piece i have written  that goes out to everyone who reads this and doesn’t.It’s a voice within yourself,Believe in yourself and you already are a winner.To each one of you,with love….

I may stumble and fall down,but i will rise again,

I may try once and fail,but i will try again!!

Life may be hard,but i will make it easy,

Love may betray me,but it won’t leave me crazy!!

In this world one fine day,i will find my place,

I will enjoy and celebrate ,as i find my grace!!

Try to bring me down,i bet you will fail,

Because i believe in myself and that’s the power of faith!!!


Keep living.Keep believing.xoxo.


In everybody’s life,we have faced times of extreme sorrow and sadness.We all have been there.We all know how it feels.

The difference,however,is getting over it.There are some things in life that we seem to hold on to forever.Some things that have been a part of us by now.So,what really is the way to get over things that make us sad for a very long time?or get past the memories of a sad past?or forget the sorrows that have drowned us?

The answer is-TIME.

It is true that some sorrows in life can never be forgotten,but with time ,the depth with which we have been bruised starts to heal.The hollowness slowly starts to fill.The emptiness slowly starts to fade.You just have to let your heart and mind open to new ways that will make your life better in  every way.Don’t let the sorrows be the only identity of your life,don’t grasp on to it and turn blind to all the good things.

Time heals all the sorrows,it takes away the pain and brings out new beginnings.A bad experience is like a bad nightmare,when you go to sleep again the next night,there are promises of beautiful dreams again.Don’t think you will never be happy again because you will.Just live..Just breathe…Time will do the rest.Keep believing,keep loving,keep smiling and keep living,everything will be alright though it may take a little time.Don’t ever give up your hopes,your hopes are one of the purest and most powerful feelings you possess.

Time will pass by,the good times will leave you beautiful memories and the bad times will leave you life lessons.With it,TIME will heal the bad and give you the good.

Happy living.xoxo.


We wait and wait,all the time.

We wait for special dates and occasions to be happy,to celebrate,to have fun,to party,to enjoy.We keep our best clothes and shoes to wear for ‘special’ ocassions.The best crockery in our homes are neatly stacked to use in special days.We wait for New Year,Christmas,Birthdays,Weekends and all those specific days when we can let our hair down and enjoy the fullest.We wait for somebody to make us happy.We wait for something great to happen to us one fine day.

But why?Why wait?why can’t we celebrate life everyday?Why not look our best everyday?Why not be happy all the time?Why not make everyday a party and celebrate?After all,WHAT’S THERE TO WAIT FOR?It’s not only possible,but it is so easy.Have the same outlook everyday,the outlook of positivity,of seeing the bright side of everything,of living in the moment.

Get up everyday with enthusiasm.If there’s a hard day ahead,take it easy,relax and your day is going to be as smooth.Enjoy each moment and take the benefits of all the wonderful things that life has to offer as much you can.If you are feeling alone,don’t be sad,solitude is sometimes one of the best gifts you can give yourself.Use that time to do things you love,like painting,or taking a long walk,or reading a good book,or listening to soulful music.

Happiness is nothing but a state of mind.Smile from within…sit back and count your blessings,your life is filled with happy vibes.Meet your friends as much as you can without waiting for special occassions.Go out with your family and have those moments for life..everyday is a special day,every moment is a special occassion.

Don’t wait.Don’t procastinate.Do what you have to do,and give your heart and soul to it.You never know what tommorow holds.Don’t deprive yourself of all the good things today waiting for some future occassions.

Go ahead,live life!!!!Every day is as special as the other!!!

Happy Living.