My first love is my LIFE!

ImageI am in a constant love affair with my life and i know that the moment this affair gets broken,i will probably loose the reasons to live.But anyways,i have started this blog to share everything about life and the beauty attached with it,both seen and unseen.I believe that its the most precious gift ever and we should live it to the fullest.Happy living.:)


One thought on “My first love is my LIFE!

  1. we live to die and in the middle we deal with loads and loads of issues.we get up and down many time,but still we have to live,show other that we are happy when we are not and we all get our own way to live life which makes us happy and we go on it to live our life to fullest.but still how hard we live our life to fullest thers some other thing which make our life unfilled.An this happy n saddey life keeps going on and we end up with ashes.

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