What have you been looking for all this time….when all you needed was to look within yourself.
-Kaberi Chand (:))

Theres so less in life to whine about and so much in it to appreciate.If you are seeking inner happiness,you don’t have to look far.Take a minute and think what all you have with you..your family with their constant care,your few best friends with their selfless support,your job which gives you opportunities to learn and excel with each day,the perfect sunrise you wake up to,your health,the love of your life,strangers you meet and share the little moments of joy with,the list never ends.Celebrate life,its one never ending party.Happiness is just a state of mind and YOU have the complete control over it…not your luck or fate or circumstances or anything else.Everything is a secondary thing.Look out of that window,the skies above you,the flowers of spring,the hustle and bustle of life all around..to have been given a life to see all of this is in itself a blessing.The day you start being happy from within yourself,you will no more search for any reasons.Stop waiting,stop expecting things to happen to you,Life’s too short to do that.Get out of your blues and celebrate,appreciate,love and enjoy what you have..what you want will eventually follow.Live in the moment,Live everyday…LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.


One thought on “What have you been lookin…

  1. Life is never beautifull i guess???We have to find out the way to make it beautifull and be happy.

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