The answer,as i say,is within yourself.Nobody in this world knows u better than yourself.Take a moment and think…is it your job?your impossible better half?selfish friends?your bad health?a sudden tragedy?..it could be anything..Just get to the core of it,and accept it.Then,if u know making any amends is going to set everything alright,do it.IF not,get over it and let it GO.If its something utterly saddening,cry your heart once and for all ,and then MOVE ON.The only things you need to hold on to in your life are things that make you who you are,like the precious memories,priceles moments,your soul,integrity,everything that makes you happy.Just being unhappy creates thousands of more problems you may or may not realise the cause of.

Don’t be afraid of the consequences of your actions.If you think something is not right for you,DON’T do it,and you have subtracted one reason from the equation of your unhappiness.

Know that NOTHING AND NOBODY IN THIS WORLD HAS THE ABILITY TO MAKE YOU UNHAPPY UNLESS YOU LET THEM TO.After all,its just a feeling and nothing else.LET the reasons of unhappiness move out of your life and make way for new horizons.



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