You are the best friend you can be to yourself,You are god’s own creation,You are the one who can make a difference,You are the source and destination of your life,YOU ARE THE WORLD AND  THE WORLD IS YOU.

You and I,and all of us,make the world.We are all alike,yet different.Don’t ever feel that your worth is not recognised and you have no unique quality to stand out from others.You have your own identity and your own life which you have the perfect choice and freedom to make the way you want to.You are god’s unique creation sent into the world with a purpose of your own.

You have the ability to climb any mountain,reach to any heights or dwell into  any depths.You just have to do the best of whatever you do.Your life is an empty canvass,paint it with your favorite colors.Live,love,laugh,share,take care, is but a journey where all you take with you are memories.You have the power to make yourself ,you have a unique talent which nobody else owns,do things in your own ways and give them your best shot.Your dreams will turn into realities.

Never feel you are worthless,underestimated or misunderstood.You are the most unique and special person.Make the best of what you have in you and you will be able to prove yourself to the world and to your own soul.

Keep breathing,keep living!!!!


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