Almost everyone on your friend list on facebook is online,you are constantly updating your status and following your interests on Twitter ,you are sharing your favorite pictures in Instagram and buying goodies on ebay and e-shopping at Nordstorm .

While literally associating technology and internet as one of the most important part of our lives,living it up in this age and era of social networking and interacting with millions of new people online,it’s time to think-are we actually socially alienating ourselves?

On a realistic note,how long has it been that you have actually had a get-together of friends atyour favorite restaurant?How long has it been that you have greeted,smiled at and talked to your neighbours?How long has it been that you have SHARED quality time with your family and LIKED going shopping with your best friend? How often have you seen children playing games in the park rather than on a computer/mobile screen?

We have become so tech-savvy that we have almost forgotten living on reality and having the good old social life.Talking from personal experiences,I have realised that it’s high time we stop being technically active and socially inactive.After the whole day of talking to so many people online,if you still feel alone at the end of the day,It’s because real happiness comes from real things and real people,but while you still have the “things” and “people”, you have almost given up the ‘real’ part.

The implied advantage of the fact that social media has kept us in 24X7 contact with our near and dear ones who live physically far away from us is undeniable.But we have got so engrossed in it that we barely have time to meet and  hangout with people who are actually near us(literally).

Before letting this become a cause of depression caused by this self-imposed emptiness which comes from being away from social interaction for too long,Let’s go back to the times of spending quality time with our friends,family,collagues,aquaintances.Let’s not contribute in creating situations when after talking forever to people online ,you have nothing to talk about when you actually meet them.Lets be connected not just technically but literally.,All before it’s too late.

Let’s,for one instance,realise that it’s high time we make our relationships and bondings stronger before it gets limited to just social media.Because,TRENDS FADE,RELATIONSHIPS DON’T.

Take that step now,and GO MEET YOUR PEOPLE.HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!!

Happy living.



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