In everybody’s life,we have faced times of extreme sorrow and sadness.We all have been there.We all know how it feels.

The difference,however,is getting over it.There are some things in life that we seem to hold on to forever.Some things that have been a part of us by now.So,what really is the way to get over things that make us sad for a very long time?or get past the memories of a sad past?or forget the sorrows that have drowned us?

The answer is-TIME.

It is true that some sorrows in life can never be forgotten,but with time ,the depth with which we have been bruised starts to heal.The hollowness slowly starts to fill.The emptiness slowly starts to fade.You just have to let your heart and mind open to new ways that will make your life better in  every way.Don’t let the sorrows be the only identity of your life,don’t grasp on to it and turn blind to all the good things.

Time heals all the sorrows,it takes away the pain and brings out new beginnings.A bad experience is like a bad nightmare,when you go to sleep again the next night,there are promises of beautiful dreams again.Don’t think you will never be happy again because you will.Just live..Just breathe…Time will do the rest.Keep believing,keep loving,keep smiling and keep living,everything will be alright though it may take a little time.Don’t ever give up your hopes,your hopes are one of the purest and most powerful feelings you possess.

Time will pass by,the good times will leave you beautiful memories and the bad times will leave you life lessons.With it,TIME will heal the bad and give you the good.

Happy living.xoxo.


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