When you were small,what was the best part of your day?

Was it getting to play with your buddies?your arts and crafts class where you got to play with your favorite colors?Or was it your dance lessons?You would look forward to it all the time.

Nothing can beat the feeling that comes with doing what pleases you.




But with time,you grew up,you got more responsibilities on your back,you got more busy and started running out of time.

But all this while,have you given up your hobbies?Have you kept that extremely talented self hidden inside you?Have you forgotten the things that you once loved doing?Are you complaining of a tasteless life while not giving time to all the essences of it?

Don’t let go of things that give you joy.From your hectic schedule,take out a little time for yourself and do anything that will de-stress you,make you smile and give you that incomparable feeling of satisfaction blended with happiness.

Every day,no matter how my day goes,i take out time to blog,make sketches,read a novel,few things that i love doing.It gives me a sense of satisfaction and good vibe that are precious.I’m sure that once you rediscover your long-lost hobbies,you will indeed be more happy and content.

Do what pleases you and see how your day transforms.You will see a happier self when you look in the mirror.


Don’t give up on your hobbies.Life’s too short to live without doing things you love.













3 thoughts on “THE JOY OF DOING WHAT YOU LIKE!!!!!

  1. WoW… tht’s amazing… it’s very much true tht we are skipping our joyful hobbies in course of our busy n hectic schedule… wish mah childhood returns n i be the same sweet li’l chubby baby.. hehe.. nice work meoow \m/

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