All of us have those desires and dreams of doing so many things in life,achieving so much in life and having a life worth lived.But so many times,we hold back from all these things -for so many reasons both big and small.

Sometimes we are afraid of loosing,sometimes we have unavoidable situations that limit us,sometimes because of our insecurities and inhibitions,sometimes because we are too scared of the consequences,sometimes because we are confused and unsure,etc.There maybe innumerable reasons each different from the other.

But what reason is bigger than the desire to do something? You still have the whole journey of your life ahead of you,You still have miles to go,You still have the gift of time and blessing of life,why should you not do all that that you want,in all the ways you want?

It’s never too late,for ANYTHING.What do you choose-Regretting at the end of your life that you couldn’t do so many things or Having the satisfaction of doing everything you wished to do,while you still could?You will never be too old,never too weak,never too shy,never too incapable,never too noncompetitive when you decide to do things you always wanted.

Why should you be sulking in a corner when you can explore the whole world?Why should you be crawling on the bottom when you can climb mountains?Why should you be lonely and depressed when you can make as many friends as you wish?Why should you not dare to take risks and chances when you believe you can win?Why shouldn’t you dream when you have the ability to make them come true?Why should you be stuck with the old when you can create the new?

Why should you not do things you desire while you still can?

Go ahead and gift yourself the joy of doing all the things you want.Go ahead and accomplish all your ambitions.Go ahead and reach every heights you seek to reach.Go ahead and be the best of whatever you are and whatever you can be.DO WHILE YOU STILL CAN.

Realize your dreams,Reach your goals,Remain happy.Life’s simply beautiful.



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