So you bought the fanciest car around that only a few people own,but how long will it make you happy?Soon enough you will be wanting something else much trendier and forget about the pride you felt on owning that car.It’s not about the expensive things we have bought or the best party we have gone to,it’s not about how big our house is or how much our clothes are more fashionable than our friends’.

Happiness-has no shape,time limit or price.The happiness  from a small achievement is not less important than a big success.

The small joys in life are mostly the best moments we have lived in.The priceless joy in the parents’ eyes  when their child first utters a word,that amazing feeling of how the soil smells after the rain,the way our spirits are lifted when important people appreciate our work,the same feeling of protection we feel in our mothers’ lap no matter how old we grow,the happiness of reuniting with  a long lost dear friend,the joy of helping the ones in need and getting showered with blessings…….these are the most precious joys of our lives though they are neither material nor come with a price tag.

It’s not about how big our achievement is ,it’s about how important it is to us.It’s not about how much it cost but it’s about how much we saved up for it,It’s not about why but its about because.It’s all about us,it’s all about our Life.

So,cherish the small joys in life for they will be the best moments in our existence.

Keep smiling.Keep living.


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