You will always meet people who will discourage you,probably because they know your capabilities and are afraid you might reach heights they can’t even imagine about.You will time and again stumble upon people who are jealous of you probably because you have greater achievements,are more popular or more successful  than them.


So many times,the reason for a bad day is not us but somebody who has made it their business to come in our way.

There are a lots of people who can’t see other people happy and having a life better than their own miserable one.They rejoice in creating misunderstandings,find triumph in seeing others fall and acquire satisfaction in harming others.But,it’s their bad luck in the end.We will keep going our own ways,past the damage and past the experiences but they will remain dwelling in the same old slump of their unhappy lives.Who will they have harmed in the end?They will but have a life devoid of friends and well wishers ,loosing out the better side of what the world has to offer and repenting of wasting time causing trouble to people.

Why should our life be affected at all by these kind of people?Why should we even care?Things can affect us as long as we let them to..why leave place for what is unpleasant and discouraging?Let them do whatever they want,but be determined never to let them come between you and your AMAZING LIFE…….

“Ignore them,for when you are important,people will talk-including those who can never speak well of others.

Let them try their best to bring you down,for in the end they will see it was never between you and them anyway.

Walk your own way,for  its only you and your destination that matters.

Keep doing what is right,for when you do right,no evil can prove you wrong.

Never give up,for if u ever do-THEY WOULD HAVE WON!!!!!!!”


Happy Living.



  1. Life is not simpleas that..I was pleased to read it fells good..

    Tell me some thing i am really confused..Thers always something that keep killing me from inside,i try my best to get victory over it but still i fail.
    I sit around with my friends keep joking but still i fell like i am lost,alone in this world,when i know thers alot of people whome i matter.But why still i am lonley? why my felling keeps killing me? I live hard i enjoy harder putting that smile on my face but inside many thing are killing me.What can i do???

  2. It happens to everyone…there’s no specific rule to get over that feeling of emptiness inside …however what i think is you can genuinely smile from within rather than putting a smile on your face,whatever is killing you inside talk it out with a dear friend,it helps…focus on the better things in life…and just take everything easy..hope it helps!!!

  3. Im trying to take it easy but still it sucks.Hope is only what we all can do,hope one day this world would be a better place,hope one day we will be what we wanted,hope our day will not be over and last hope we will die in peace with out problems being somethig good for this hell paradise.n hope on the middle we will not be out of life
    Cheers for Happy living Keep going thers alot left for you…

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