Like even after the dark and cold of winter,there is a undying promise of  the color and bloom of the springs,Friends are the people who,at times when we feel low, keep reminding us  that no matter what, they will always be there.

They are the ones who don’t let you sulk in a corner and cry when you want to,They are the ones who don’t leave you alone when you are lonely and tell them to get lost,They are the ones who you  will talk for hours about nothing,They are the ones you will argue with yet give a hug when it ends,They are one of the most precious jewels that you own and They are the people without whom,Life wouldn’t have been complete.

Picture courtesy:Google images                                      Picture courtesy: Tumblr

Like every relation,there is no match for friendship…it stands on its own ground.We will need our friends all the time,through Life and beyond.Just having a “friend” that you can share the simplest of problems with,having a “friend” that will just listen to you without giving superficial advises when you don’t need them,having a “friend” who you can even do stupid things with without looking like crazy,having a “friend” who you can just hang out with doing nothing…Life would have been colorless without them.

And above all,the beauty of friendship is that it doesn’t have any dramatic or superficial charm to it .It has no false promises of the stars and the moon,it needs no ornaments of vain words and dramatic sentences,it is just as light as air and as plain as water yet as beautiful as LIFE and as important as BREATHING.

Cheers to Friends.Cheers to Friendship.Cheers to Life.

Happy Living.



  1. Cheers what can i say…im loving is beautiful bcoz of friends..we live becoz of them,,Cheers lady like the way it is

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