Sometimes when i sit in the quiet and think about the various directions my life is taking ,of all i have achieved and want to achieve,I wonder-There are so many things i want to do,So many things i want to be,So many places i want to go,So many things i want to see-and I have so little time,when will i ever be able to do all the things that i have to and want to do?There just ain’t enough time.

Time is flying away too fast for us (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

I start something new  and despite understanding the fact that it takes time to become successful.i find myself getting impatient over the results of my work.Sometimes while travelling,i feel like its taking way too long for me to reach my destination.When the internet goes off  for even some minutes,it feels like some important part of my system has been ripped off,Waiting in a line seems like a mere waste of time that could have been used in much more productive things.And i know i am not the only one.

Maybe this is the major problem of our generation,of our time.We want things too fast,We just can’t seem to wait.Probably because we live in a time when every information is just a click away,every person is just a phone call away,every restaurant is just a walk away,Every country is just a flight away.

Sometimes we find ourselves getting fits of anger while waiting for somebody for even less than 20 minutes-it’s probably too late for us.When we send a text and don’t get a reply within seconds,we conclude that the person is either ignoring us or is too busy to reply-Seconds are enough for us to make a conclusion.

Times have indeed changed.

However,we can’t seem to help it.All the things surrounding us have been changing at a sky-high speed.We have been so used to getting so many things so fast that we have lost our tendency of waiting for things which take a little more time.It has become our nature by now.

Other than reminding ourselves time and again that some things take time to be done,Doing something useful  while waiting on a queue or travelling rather than getting angry over how irritating it is to wait,Not giving up something just because it is taking too long to generate results and accepting that it is but natural for things to take their own course of time to happen,I am still searching for ways ,reasons and ideas to strengthen my patience level and this unavoidable tendency of wanting results too fast.

Can’t Wait.(Photo credit: Wikipedia) 

photo credit:Google images

I wish we all live a stress-free life and find better ways to make life so.Good luck.

Happy Living.



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