make me rich [88/365]
MONEY IS OVERRATED!!  (Photo credit: Terence S. Jones)

You may earn billions and be the richest of them all,but what happiness will it give you when you have nobody to share?All that you will really have besides the riches will be the emptiness in your heart and a depressing,lonely and incomplete life.

People say Money is the world.It can buy everything,conquer every other object and is undoubtedly the most powerful thing in the world.but i beg to differ.The most powerful thing in the world is the bond between people,it’s about all the important people in your life, those people who will share every moment,every ups and downs of your life.Don’t ever let yourself loose these people for anything in the world,they are the most precious part of your life.

Never forget the people in your life,you may not realize when the best of your friends will have gone their own ways just because you forgot that they were there,You may have distanced yourself from your family running behind all those material things of the world,You may have been too busy to talk to people or to say hello or just be kind to somebody.

Money Matters.TRUE.But your life matters more.You will be able to buy”things” with it but money won’t buy you happiness.It isn’t a good bargain at all if you will have had earned all the money in the world loosing out on your relationships,people and moments along the way.

Life is good.
Life is good.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Think about it.

Happy Living.



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