I started this blog almost a year ago to write about one thing that I am deeply in love with-my life.Initially, this was like a personal space for me to express my opinions on life.About the thoughts I wished to share with anyone who happened to read this blog by any chance.

But with wonderful response,interaction and feedback coming via people from various walks of life,I realized that sharing positivism is one of the best feelings in the world.I was overwhelmed by the response from people and this inspired me to continue this blog to this day.And it’s been such a beautiful experience so far.

How the simple things in life have the tendency of giving us the best kind of happiness if we just happen to give them more importance is a fact we all know but it waits to be implied.

I write with the hope of spreading the positivism and the beauty that life contains.I write with the hope to inspire.:)

I believe that life  is  the only thing we really have and fully own.And it all depends upon us what we make of it,It all depends on how we see things and how we take what comes our way.What I believe is simply:

“Our Life doesn’t make us what we are.What we are makes our Life what it is.”

Life is not about just breathing,just being here,living just for the sake of it-It is about living it-and living it meaningfully,living it  up in the best possible way!The only thing we will take with us after our lives are  over will be the fact that we LIVED.

So why not live it in the best way we can?Why not live in each and every moment that we possess?Why not fall in Love-with life itself?

IN LOVE WITH LIFE is a  simple blog dedicated to  sharing my thoughts about  the most important thing that there is-OUR LIFE.

Just like the simple and smallest  things in life  inspire me everyday,I hope that my blog gives hope to someone who needs it,brings a smile on someone’s face,helps and inspires someone in any little way it can.

Talking about life,happiness,relationships,hope,faith,smiles,love and everything that keeps the world going.About  living life to the fullest and being happy with our whole hearts.

Thank you for Dropping By!!

Happy LIVING!!


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