Hello fellow reader,Welcome to my blog.

I am Kaberi Chand,the proud owner and author of this blog.

I am a Student and Intern,blogger,freelance writer, an avid reader and admirer of classic novels,a professional in the making and A firm  believer!

There’s an almost unending list of what all I want to do and become in life-My mind is literally overrunning with ideas and thoughts all the time.

I believe that there can be no limits to what one can become and the heights one can reach.If  I fail to achieve all that I wish to and become all that I aspire to,I will at least gain the satisfaction of having tried.After all, we have just one life -and it’s precious.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you find something worth reading in my blog .

Have a great day.God Bless you.



11 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. very good ambitions you have! and ive a feeling youre gonna make it, too! the world is a great place to be right now…ok, ok…theres a great big recession going on..but all things change, as the buddha said…nothing stays the same…this too will pass…and on will come the good days agin…be ready for them! and yes..i agree 100%…this is the only life we have…nobody knows what happens after we leave this place…its all speculation….!

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