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There are two kinds of people in our life-those who love and care for us and those who we wish would love and care for us.

The irony of our lives is that- we spend so much time in waiting,expecting and wanting the love of other people while  forgetting  to notice,appreciate and cherish the people whose love we already own.

We waste our times trying to impress some people while ignoring the ones to whom no pretense is required to win us their love.

We wait forever to be loved back while the love we already have remains unnoticed.

Romantic Heart form Love Seeds
Love is beautiful and divine.  (Photo credit:

The people who love you from their heart and soul are those who want you to be happy- no matter what!!They are those who love you for what you are,know your every highs and lows and accept you without any judgements in your every mood,every appearance and every emotion.

Don’t let these amazing people drift away from your life.Respect their love and treasure their presence in your life.Don’t take those people who love you for granted,because no matter how deep and forgiving their love is ,they are going to be hurt by your indifference at some point of time.

"Where there is love there is life."
And love keeps knocking at our doors,waiting for us to open our hearts and feel all that it owns. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t ever let yourself loose love of the people who are genuine and true because in the end, it will be your loss anyway-it will be a moment of happiness taken away from your own time,a page torn away from the book of your own life.

So give back the love you receive,share the smile you have,embrace love as it comes to you,don’t let the best ones in your life go away from you.Life is too short to leave it devoid of happiness and love.

The love of my life
Love:when you find the true one,don’t let it pass by.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“What good are treasures,riches,diamonds and gold?

when you have no shoulders to lean on and hands to hold?

Don’t let life pass by you without giving you the love you deserve,

The people who love you for who you are the treasures you’ve  got to preserve.”

Happy Living.



The word is-DIVINE-for how the earth smells after the rain.After all the weariness and dust of the earth has been washed away to unveil that priceless,picture-perfect face of the earth and the beauty it holds.The clear skies,the wet grounds,the trees swaying gently with the rhythm of the soft breeze,the fresh smell of the soil,it’s all out of the world.Everybody loves this weather,it’s such a happy sight.How the rain washes away the  effects of the scorching summer heat and brings with it such feeling of unmatched joy to people is splendid.

English: Rain drops on fresh leaf
Rain drops on fresh leaf-BEAUTIFUL!!! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am addicted with the smell of the soil drenched after the rain,taking in all the aura and feeling all the negative vibes,glum mood and worries disappearing with every breath i take.Taking a walk or going for a drive in that weather,sipping hot coffee and chatting up sweet nothings, Listening to my favorite songs while admiring the beauty all around,watching kids jumping and playing happily around,seeing the trees more greener,the flowers more brighter,the skies most beautiful hue of blue,the freshness all around like a new day on its own…Could life be any better?

It brings with it smiles that are drawn upon people’s faces without any superficial charms.I believe that in spite of all the differences in personalities,choices,thoughts and lives that we-the people have,there are some things that please us,bring moments of happiness to all of us in the same way and this-is one of them.

It is one of those times,which always inspires that hidden writer in me ready to share my thoughts with the world,always gives me more reasons to appreciate this life,always fuels those happy feelings in me,always makes me wonder how beautiful these small things in life are.

Ah!The simple joys in life.

Keep smiling.Keep Living.

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Life is like a plain paper-You have the palette in your hand to color it in any hue,any shade and any shape you wish.


It’s not just a vain philosophy aided by some unrealistic ideas and false hopes.It’s not just a phrase told by somebody extremely happy or content.It’s not just a word of somebody who lives in a different world or time.It is not just an idea or a myth,but it is that beautiful truth we have not yet fully acknowledged and realized.

The beauty of life is that you get to decide which way it goes,what path it chooses and what horizons it reaches.Even in moments where you cannot decide or control,you can understand and have the clarity of things you want and things you don’t-in your life.

We cannot be happy all the time,We cannot be right all the time.Even the most beautiful flowers fade and wither after their bloom.But we can learn from our mistakes,we can cry in our sorrows and then,we can move on.We can make our life better,it’s a constant process.

So many times,we make mistakes in choosing the right kind of people in our lives.We fall in bad company,get affected by de motivational people,become a victim of politics,get our hearts broken.But with time,we grow,we realise,we make amends,we grow conscious and we become more capable of making better choices and less mistakes.And it’s all us and the decisions we make,We have the capability of shaping the directions of our lives.

You have one life,make it better.You have the memories and the lessons from your past,you have the beauty and wellness of your present and you have the hopes and the promises of tommorow.Keep up that undying spirit of living in each moment of your life and you will have your own heaven in front of you.

Life’s precious.You get it once,make it Worth-while.

Happy Living.


We wait and wait,all the time.

We wait for special dates and occasions to be happy,to celebrate,to have fun,to party,to enjoy.We keep our best clothes and shoes to wear for ‘special’ ocassions.The best crockery in our homes are neatly stacked to use in special days.We wait for New Year,Christmas,Birthdays,Weekends and all those specific days when we can let our hair down and enjoy the fullest.We wait for somebody to make us happy.We wait for something great to happen to us one fine day.

But why?Why wait?why can’t we celebrate life everyday?Why not look our best everyday?Why not be happy all the time?Why not make everyday a party and celebrate?After all,WHAT’S THERE TO WAIT FOR?It’s not only possible,but it is so easy.Have the same outlook everyday,the outlook of positivity,of seeing the bright side of everything,of living in the moment.

Get up everyday with enthusiasm.If there’s a hard day ahead,take it easy,relax and your day is going to be as smooth.Enjoy each moment and take the benefits of all the wonderful things that life has to offer as much you can.If you are feeling alone,don’t be sad,solitude is sometimes one of the best gifts you can give yourself.Use that time to do things you love,like painting,or taking a long walk,or reading a good book,or listening to soulful music.

Happiness is nothing but a state of mind.Smile from within…sit back and count your blessings,your life is filled with happy vibes.Meet your friends as much as you can without waiting for special occassions.Go out with your family and have those moments for life..everyday is a special day,every moment is a special occassion.

Don’t wait.Don’t procastinate.Do what you have to do,and give your heart and soul to it.You never know what tommorow holds.Don’t deprive yourself of all the good things today waiting for some future occassions.

Go ahead,live life!!!!Every day is as special as the other!!!

Happy Living.


Down with those feelings of unhappiness again?Feeling emotionally drained out?Feeling you have wasted your life all this while?


It happens to everyone-those moments when everything seems to be going wrong,those times when you feel like nobody values you,those shallow times when you feel like you don’t matter to anybody anymore.But,the truth is,YOU DO!!YOU MATTER!!!AND YOU MATTER ALL THE TIME!!!

Have you ever realised that you are that one special member to your family with your own peculiar ways,that special friend in your circle who brings life to the parties,that special one to your lover who brings out the best in them,that special student your teacher admires,that special employee your boss depends on,that special person with special qualities,an angel to the beneficiaries of the charity where you once donated,you are that special creation of god.If you hadn’t been there,the lives of everybody related in any way to you would have lacked such important essence.

Just because sometimes nobody listens to you,or something terrible happens,doesn’t mean that your life is worthless.It is the most precious thing and you are the most important person.You matter a lot and you are the one who makes a difference.Instead of thinking things that aren’t true and being more unhappy based on such thoughts,look around you.

The feeling of relief in your parents’ eyes when you reach back home every evening,that selfless bond you share with your siblings,the smiles on the faces of your friends in the moments you spend together,that priceless twinkle in your lover’s eyes when they see see you,the look of gratitude in the eyes of the elderly whom you just helped cross the road,there are endless things which signify what difference YOU make and how much you matter.

Remember,you don’t need any ocassion or reason to be happy.Never undervalue yourself and give yourself the best you can.Your life is precious.

Happy living.


What is it that has kept us all together?what is it that binds us all in one single identity?what is it that keeps our strings attached?what is itthat keeps the world going??Here’s my thought i want to share-

Money-some may say!!!But the richest are the loneliest!

Power-some may say!!!But the most powerful have fallen worst!

The world goes around on LOVE-in all its forms and colours,

The world goes around in HOPE-in all its prayers and good wishes!

The world goes around in positivity,in everything that enlightens our spirits inside out.Despite all the differences,we breathe the same air,share the same sky and bask in the same sun.The beauty of nature,the oceans,the magestic mountains,the moon,the stars ,are owned by nobody yet shared and looked upon by every one of us.We are bound by the unbroken trust we have on god,we are bound by hopes of a better tommorow when something shatters us today,we are bound by the kindness we bestow upon the ones in need,we are bound by LOVE….

The world goes around in the simple fact that all of us are just HUMAN BEINGS and that is our identity.

Happy sharing.Happy loving.Happy Living.