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We wait,and we wait,and we wait….

For the perfect time to say our feelings.,for the perfect reason to smile.,for the perfect people..for the perfect moment..for the perfect day..for the perfect place..

And we hold on to our memories,,remain lost in the past..complain about the present..and worry about the future..but no matter we do or we don’t,life MOVES ON!!.,and we just live in our imperfect world craving for perfections,we reach to points when we finally realize what really is life,but then there’s no more time to heal,to feel the beauty that always had been,the happiness that we left unseen..

But as we look into our own hearts,we can see that those limited people in our lives are not perfect,but neither are we.But they’re the ones who make our life what it is,who always lean their shoulder for us to cry on,who love us no matter what and that’s reason enough for us to realize that we ought to start living right from now,knowing that  it is hard,yet with a smile and hopes in our eyes!!

Let’s try to stop complaining and start living.

White Flower
(Photo credit: @Doug88888)