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Down with those feelings of unhappiness again?Feeling emotionally drained out?Feeling you have wasted your life all this while?


It happens to everyone-those moments when everything seems to be going wrong,those times when you feel like nobody values you,those shallow times when you feel like you don’t matter to anybody anymore.But,the truth is,YOU DO!!YOU MATTER!!!AND YOU MATTER ALL THE TIME!!!

Have you ever realised that you are that one special member to your family with your own peculiar ways,that special friend in your circle who brings life to the parties,that special one to your lover who brings out the best in them,that special student your teacher admires,that special employee your boss depends on,that special person with special qualities,an angel to the beneficiaries of the charity where you once donated,you are that special creation of god.If you hadn’t been there,the lives of everybody related in any way to you would have lacked such important essence.

Just because sometimes nobody listens to you,or something terrible happens,doesn’t mean that your life is worthless.It is the most precious thing and you are the most important person.You matter a lot and you are the one who makes a difference.Instead of thinking things that aren’t true and being more unhappy based on such thoughts,look around you.

The feeling of relief in your parents’ eyes when you reach back home every evening,that selfless bond you share with your siblings,the smiles on the faces of your friends in the moments you spend together,that priceless twinkle in your lover’s eyes when they see see you,the look of gratitude in the eyes of the elderly whom you just helped cross the road,there are endless things which signify what difference YOU make and how much you matter.

Remember,you don’t need any ocassion or reason to be happy.Never undervalue yourself and give yourself the best you can.Your life is precious.

Happy living.