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There are two kinds of people in our life-those who love and care for us and those who we wish would love and care for us.

The irony of our lives is that- we spend so much time in waiting,expecting and wanting the love of other people while  forgetting  to notice,appreciate and cherish the people whose love we already own.

We waste our times trying to impress some people while ignoring the ones to whom no pretense is required to win us their love.

We wait forever to be loved back while the love we already have remains unnoticed.

Romantic Heart form Love Seeds
Love is beautiful and divine.  (Photo credit: epSos.de)

The people who love you from their heart and soul are those who want you to be happy- no matter what!!They are those who love you for what you are,know your every highs and lows and accept you without any judgements in your every mood,every appearance and every emotion.

Don’t let these amazing people drift away from your life.Respect their love and treasure their presence in your life.Don’t take those people who love you for granted,because no matter how deep and forgiving their love is ,they are going to be hurt by your indifference at some point of time.

"Where there is love there is life."
And love keeps knocking at our doors,waiting for us to open our hearts and feel all that it owns. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t ever let yourself loose love of the people who are genuine and true because in the end, it will be your loss anyway-it will be a moment of happiness taken away from your own time,a page torn away from the book of your own life.

So give back the love you receive,share the smile you have,embrace love as it comes to you,don’t let the best ones in your life go away from you.Life is too short to leave it devoid of happiness and love.

The love of my life
Love:when you find the true one,don’t let it pass by.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“What good are treasures,riches,diamonds and gold?

when you have no shoulders to lean on and hands to hold?

Don’t let life pass by you without giving you the love you deserve,

The people who love you for who you are the treasures you’ve  got to preserve.”

Happy Living.



“Cause you had a bad day

You’re taking one down

You sing a sad song just to turn it around

You say you don’t know

You tell me don’t lie

You work at a smile and you go for a ride

You had a bad day

You’ve seen what you like

And how does it feel for one more time

You had a bad day

You had a bad day”

-Lyrics from “Bad day” by Alvin & The Chipmunks

photo credit: google images

So it was one of “those days”…Right from the start of the day everything went wrong,You got late for work,you missed the bus,got stuck in traffic,you had a fight with somebody,your work didn’t get appreciated,etc.etc….it was like some evil had overshadowed your simply cheerful life,As if the world had come crumbling down on you,it was a crazy day when with or without a reason your mood was angry,upset or plain bad….Now what?

You had a bad day doesn’t mean that you can’t lift your mood now.Here are a few things I do when I have a really crazy day.I hope that these will help you end your day happily and you go off to sleep peacefully with a wide grin in your face no matter how bad a day you had.


If you are feeling bad,you are.There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a bad mood-it happens.The more you try to pretend that there is nothing wrong,the more miserable you feel inside.Don’t fake a smile when all that is in your head is bouts of anger.Instead,try making things better than pretending you are fine.

photo credit: google images


Sometimes,we get so busy with our life that we don’t realise how long it has been since we met our friends.Meet or talk to a dear friend whom you haven’t spoken to one of these days.The thing with friends is that-they take you as you are and  share your moods too-even if it is mad.


If you shrug and sit in a corner,your mood won’t be any better.Take a walk to the nearby park or a spot you like,spend sometime in the evening breeze,listlessly watch people passing by when you stroll on your own….It helps relieve those stressed nerves!


Tickle your funny bone with a light hearted comedy and laugh out all the stress and mis happenings of the day.Invite friends over or enjoy your own company.It always helps to have a good laugh and when it’s a bad mood..even better!


Go to your favourite restaurant or food joint and treat yourself your favourite food.For a foodie like me,having  food that I crave is heaven..it is an instant mood lifter.Try it and munch away your bad day.:)


They say-Music is  food for the soul.Whatever your taste in music,listening to your favourite numbers and humming or even shouting them along is one great way to turn around those effects of a bad day.



Do whatever makes you feel good,there is no need to go crazy thinking “why does it always happens to me?” .The bad times come,they pass.There will be a new day,a new promise,a new hope tomorrow.Let go!!!

Happy Living.

When we were small,we couldn’t wait to grow up.We would play games of doing things like the grown-ups,we would think how free and amazing life would be once school was over,we couldn’t wait to be taken seriously.

Childhood is undoubtedly the best part of our lives-we have fond memories attached to it that will stay with us forever.The age of innocence,the times of pure joys,the time when everyone was a friend and when the most dreadful thing was that beast with sharp teeth our mum told us about. 

Those were the times when we didn’t judge anyone by their appearance,those were the times when life revolved around candies,games and ice-creams,those were the times when what we did was not for anybody else.Those were the times which are now reflected on the pang of joy we get seeing a child happily playing around.Those were the best times….

Child 1
The Best Times

 (Photo credit: Tony Trần)




My sister and her baby.
Unmatched joy
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



We came to know the ways of the world,had had our hearts broken,got acquainted to the pain of loosing, saw and felt  the cruelty ,violence and unhealthy competitions that has been so prominent everywhere,We realized that there’s more to life than we ever thought and in the verse of growing up-We have come to know the good as well as the bad phases of Life and everything associated with it.We lost our innocence and now are the part of the world as it is!!!

And the most ironical part is that,now that we have grown up like we always wanted to,we look back at  the memories of our childhood and think how beautiful it was!!!We all have those moments when all that we want is to return back to that age of innocence.We know time that has gone  does not return,but still  we wish so.It’s all because life looks beautiful through a child’s eyes,and we all wish and want our lives perfectly happy and beautiful.

All that we can do now is lovingly go back down to the memory lane and add more reasons to remain happy,the reason that we have passed through our childhood and have kept back those amazing memories that nobody can take away from us.

我們是笨蛋 - Happy Children's day
happy memories (Photo credit: Priscilla.P)







Happy Living.


Like even after the dark and cold of winter,there is a undying promise of  the color and bloom of the springs,Friends are the people who,at times when we feel low, keep reminding us  that no matter what, they will always be there.

They are the ones who don’t let you sulk in a corner and cry when you want to,They are the ones who don’t leave you alone when you are lonely and tell them to get lost,They are the ones who you  will talk for hours about nothing,They are the ones you will argue with yet give a hug when it ends,They are one of the most precious jewels that you own and They are the people without whom,Life wouldn’t have been complete.

Picture courtesy:Google images                                      Picture courtesy: Tumblr

Like every relation,there is no match for friendship…it stands on its own ground.We will need our friends all the time,through Life and beyond.Just having a “friend” that you can share the simplest of problems with,having a “friend” that will just listen to you without giving superficial advises when you don’t need them,having a “friend” who you can even do stupid things with without looking like crazy,having a “friend” who you can just hang out with doing nothing…Life would have been colorless without them.

And above all,the beauty of friendship is that it doesn’t have any dramatic or superficial charm to it .It has no false promises of the stars and the moon,it needs no ornaments of vain words and dramatic sentences,it is just as light as air and as plain as water yet as beautiful as LIFE and as important as BREATHING.

Cheers to Friends.Cheers to Friendship.Cheers to Life.

Happy Living.


Another day has come,and soon it will end.Maybe it was just another day in your regular life with nothing significantly different ,maybe it was an adventurous day with fun filled activities,maybe it was a day spent hanging around with friends,maybe it was a day you spent lazing around in your room,maybe it was just a day you spent working on an important assignment in your office,it may be any kind of day,it may be every kind of day.

So, in this ordinary day,what have you done to make a difference?a difference in your life?a difference in your being there?a difference in your journey towards greater heights?


It maybe simple as passing on a smile to a stranger you meet on your way,you never know how much that person needed it.It maybe as easy as calling a friend who you’ve not seen since a long time to say hello,you never know you might just have lightened up that friend’s grumpy mood.

It maybe anything,don’t let a moment pass by without fully living it to the fullest.Thank your mom for that glass of juice she made you drink before you hurried out,Drop a coin or buy some food for the roadside beggar,Greet your colleagues with a smile,Take a moment to breathe in the aroma of the rich coffee and take a break from  work,Take a walk in the nearby park and enjoy the evening air,Have dinner with the entire family and talk of the things that happened during the day,Spend some time painting or your favorite hobby.These are the things that really matter,these are the things that make YOU.

Make memories,be grateful for your life,make the best of your existence by simply living your life in the best way.Do whatever makes you happy.The kindness,inner happiness,true relations,good health,all the simplicity around you is a blessing in disguise and as i say,THE GOOD LIFE.

SO go ahead,live your day up,make a memory.

Keep Living.xoxo.