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Each one of us-with different dreams,different goals and different perspectives,wake up each morning with a new purpose and go about with our different lives.All of us are different,unique and distinguished from one another-yet there are things which brings us all together irrespective of all the differences we have.

If personalities make us different,emotions make us alike.

If religions divide us,humanity brings us together.

If choices make us different,love makes us alike.

If countries divide us,the world brings us together.

The core of everything that we seek is same.The path we walk on may be different but our destinations are the same.We all strive for happiness alike,we are all afraid of being left out,we all want a beautiful life,we all want unconditional love,we all want life-long friendships.We all want HAPPINESS.

The recipe for happiness,in fact,is simply there in our hearts,waiting to be brought out in each one of us,to be shared,to be given,to be felt and to be expressed-without greed,without selfishness and without negativity.

All we need is just a little love,

All we need is just a little care,

All we need is just a little encouragement,

All we need is just a little kindness,

All we need is just a little respect,

All we need is just a little faith,

And the world is a happy place again!!

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Happy Living.


It would be stupid and downright false to say that life is simple,happy,rosy and uncomplicated all the time.We all have our”low” moments and our” bad days”.

There are times when i am down in the doldrums,feeling like life has been playing its’ bad tricks on me again,when everything feels like a twisted tale where you don’t know what is going to happen next,when every single thing feels like a conspiracy to bring me down,those times when everything surrounding me is just sad and colorless!

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But one thing that i have always learnt is that  these “bad times” never last forever.Going by the same philosophy,we could say  that good times don’t last forever too but hey! that’s life,right? Sometimes full of happiness and sometimes painful and hurting.

In those moments of unexplainable emotions,with the sole presence or a mixture of anger,sorrow,frustation,sadness and confusion,when i can’t find any reason to convince myself that it’s nothing but a bad time and try to search some thread to hold on to and get out of my misery,The only thing that somehow consoles me is believing that it will get over,that when i wake up the next morning,there will be a new hope,new promise and new oppurtunities to look forward to with a brand new day.

All that i am trying to say is The bad will get over,and this is such a simple but strong truth we live with.

And anyway,we will always be cautious the next time if we have fallen,we will work harder if we have failed,we will run faster if we have been left behind in the race.Life brings with it so many reasons to  learn,even from the worst of times we may have.

Here are some inspiring lines –

“Makes me that much stronger

Makes me work a little bit harder

It makes me that much wiser

So thanks for making me a fighter

Made me learn a little bit faster

Made my skin a little bit thicker

Makes me that much smarter

So thanks for making me a fighter”

-From the song “Fighter” by Christina Augeliria.

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Happy living.


“Cause you had a bad day

You’re taking one down

You sing a sad song just to turn it around

You say you don’t know

You tell me don’t lie

You work at a smile and you go for a ride

You had a bad day

You’ve seen what you like

And how does it feel for one more time

You had a bad day

You had a bad day”

-Lyrics from “Bad day” by Alvin & The Chipmunks

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So it was one of “those days”…Right from the start of the day everything went wrong,You got late for work,you missed the bus,got stuck in traffic,you had a fight with somebody,your work didn’t get appreciated,etc.etc….it was like some evil had overshadowed your simply cheerful life,As if the world had come crumbling down on you,it was a crazy day when with or without a reason your mood was angry,upset or plain bad….Now what?

You had a bad day doesn’t mean that you can’t lift your mood now.Here are a few things I do when I have a really crazy day.I hope that these will help you end your day happily and you go off to sleep peacefully with a wide grin in your face no matter how bad a day you had.


If you are feeling bad,you are.There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a bad mood-it happens.The more you try to pretend that there is nothing wrong,the more miserable you feel inside.Don’t fake a smile when all that is in your head is bouts of anger.Instead,try making things better than pretending you are fine.

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Sometimes,we get so busy with our life that we don’t realise how long it has been since we met our friends.Meet or talk to a dear friend whom you haven’t spoken to one of these days.The thing with friends is that-they take you as you are and  share your moods too-even if it is mad.


If you shrug and sit in a corner,your mood won’t be any better.Take a walk to the nearby park or a spot you like,spend sometime in the evening breeze,listlessly watch people passing by when you stroll on your own….It helps relieve those stressed nerves!


Tickle your funny bone with a light hearted comedy and laugh out all the stress and mis happenings of the day.Invite friends over or enjoy your own company.It always helps to have a good laugh and when it’s a bad mood..even better!


Go to your favourite restaurant or food joint and treat yourself your favourite food.For a foodie like me,having  food that I crave is heaven..it is an instant mood lifter.Try it and munch away your bad day.:)


They say-Music is  food for the soul.Whatever your taste in music,listening to your favourite numbers and humming or even shouting them along is one great way to turn around those effects of a bad day.



Do whatever makes you feel good,there is no need to go crazy thinking “why does it always happens to me?” .The bad times come,they pass.There will be a new day,a new promise,a new hope tomorrow.Let go!!!

Happy Living.

In every walk,every situation,every phase,every step,every moment of your life-you will have only two choices in the world.But you do have a CHOICE and it all depends on you.

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You can either let the situations in your life decide how happy or sad you feel or you can create situations in your life to feel great all the time.

You can either let people decide things for you or you can be the one whose goals are set and decisions are clear.

You can either choose to walk on the roads built by other people or you can choose to pave your own ways.

You can either choose to run behind what “is” or you can choose to create what “can be”.

You can either wait for someone/somebody to make you happy or you can choose to create reasons to be happy.

You can either choose to be ruled by what “happens” or you can choose to rule all that ever matters to you..

                                                                                 THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!!!!

The only difference between winners and losers is the choices they make.CHOOSE TO BE A WINNER.

Don’t be afraid of the consequences,if you know it’s right it is right.Go for the leap ,NOW.Don’t wait for things to happen to you when you have the power and capability to make them happen.


As it is said-  “Everything comes too late for those who wait”

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Happy Living.


One of the best things about being a writer is the interactions I get to have with people who read what I write.Recently,one of my readers gave me a very thoughtful feedback after reading a post about getting over from the pains of the past and moving on in life.He said that it isn’t easy to actually get over bad memories and move on with life as easy as it is to say “Get over it already”.We don’t choose to keep bad memories with us,they choose to stay with us. And simply saying that we have to get over our hurtful memories to move forward in our lives with a happier and more positive outlook isn’t helpful enough,that I must write about HOW TO GET OVER IT instead.

This got me thinking how,we,given  our typical human nature,tend to search for quick-fix rules and proven solutions to every problem that comes our way even if it is life itself and the complex emotional problems associated with it that we are talking about.

Not a single person in this world is an expert on life problems and I am not an exception.Through my blog I tend to share what I feel about life and how we can live in a better way accepting the good and the bad in our life.I am not giving away or even preaching solutions,I am just giving suggestions that may help us in some way or the other towards a better and happier life.

Through this post, I want to share my outlook towards this issue and the way I see it.

I simply want to convey a message to all of you that :

 “You decide each and everything in your life, including getting over all the bad things”.

It is true that it’s easy to say things but hard to do the same.There are some things in life that simply cannot be done-like wiping away painful memories and sufferings.But,there are some things that we can do-what we can do is try…and gradually we will succeed,even if not completely.

Take,for instance,the attitude of positivism-You can’t be expected to stay happy when things are going bad with you,or get over the memoirs of a bad past when it haunts you.But,what we can do is-try our best to make things better and try our best to move on.

So you had a bad day-leave it behind and do something you love.Talk to your best friend or go for a happy movie hangout with friends,de-stress with your favorite pass-time or an interesting hobby ,spend some time alone if that’s what you need,go on a trip-do anything that will lift your mood but DON’T sit in a corner and sulk.Your day was bad-you are probably making it worse.

So you can’t get over the emotional breakdown caused  by a painful break-up,you gave your heart and soul to that relationship and now it’s shattered..You cannot turn around time and start all over again but what you can do is analyse what went wrong,learn from your past and focus on the better things that still are in your life-all the wonderful people you have around you with all their love and care.

Remember this-there aren’t hard and fast solutions for each and everything but there are solutions.

It is true that there are somethings which once broken can’t be mended again,but isn’t half the pain better than the feeling of the total sorrow?

Isn’t a hope for a better tomorrow a good choice than the belief of having a worthless life?

Isn’t believing that everything will be alright better than deciding that everything is over?

Life’s nothing but what we make of it.You decide whether you want to remain determined no matter the whole world wants to bring you down and your decision will be what you stand for.It all depends on you-to look at a situation and make your own decisions.All i want to say is:


Happy living.



“You can win”

You probably have heard this one somewhere before.You have heard it because it is the TRUTH.The only thing is that some of us haven’t yet realized what we really are capable of.

Sometimes,we hold back from some things because we find it too hard to do and are afraid of loosing.But by doing so,we are limiting ourselves from reaching new heights.Even if we had failed/lost,we could have had the satisfaction of at least trying it and knowing our weaknesses.

But,think once.Why restrict ourselves?Why not take a leap just because we are afraid of falling?While we still have the time,why restrain ourselves from fulfilling all our dreams today?

YOU CAN WIN.Take the first step.If you are willing to achieve a goal,give it your heart and soul .Success will follow.Plan your course of action,manage your time and take the leap.You can win and you will WIN.The winner in you just needs the determination and hard work.You are born a winner and you are destined to WIN.

Don’t be afraid of the consequences and never underestimate yourself.You can do anything you wish to.Start living to the fullest everyday.

Happy living.xoxo.