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Another day has come,and soon it will end.Maybe it was just another day in your regular life with nothing significantly different ,maybe it was an adventurous day with fun filled activities,maybe it was a day spent hanging around with friends,maybe it was a day you spent lazing around in your room,maybe it was just a day you spent working on an important assignment in your office,it may be any kind of day,it may be every kind of day.

So, in this ordinary day,what have you done to make a difference?a difference in your life?a difference in your being there?a difference in your journey towards greater heights?


It maybe simple as passing on a smile to a stranger you meet on your way,you never know how much that person needed it.It maybe as easy as calling a friend who you’ve not seen since a long time to say hello,you never know you might just have lightened up that friend’s grumpy mood.

It maybe anything,don’t let a moment pass by without fully living it to the fullest.Thank your mom for that glass of juice she made you drink before you hurried out,Drop a coin or buy some food for the roadside beggar,Greet your colleagues with a smile,Take a moment to breathe in the aroma of the rich coffee and take a break from  work,Take a walk in the nearby park and enjoy the evening air,Have dinner with the entire family and talk of the things that happened during the day,Spend some time painting or your favorite hobby.These are the things that really matter,these are the things that make YOU.

Make memories,be grateful for your life,make the best of your existence by simply living your life in the best way.Do whatever makes you happy.The kindness,inner happiness,true relations,good health,all the simplicity around you is a blessing in disguise and as i say,THE GOOD LIFE.

SO go ahead,live your day up,make a memory.

Keep Living.xoxo.