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What is it that has kept us all together?what is it that binds us all in one single identity?what is it that keeps our strings attached?what is itthat keeps the world going??Here’s my thought i want to share-

Money-some may say!!!But the richest are the loneliest!

Power-some may say!!!But the most powerful have fallen worst!

The world goes around on LOVE-in all its forms and colours,

The world goes around in HOPE-in all its prayers and good wishes!

The world goes around in positivity,in everything that enlightens our spirits inside out.Despite all the differences,we breathe the same air,share the same sky and bask in the same sun.The beauty of nature,the oceans,the magestic mountains,the moon,the stars ,are owned by nobody yet shared and looked upon by every one of us.We are bound by the unbroken trust we have on god,we are bound by hopes of a better tommorow when something shatters us today,we are bound by the kindness we bestow upon the ones in need,we are bound by LOVE….

The world goes around in the simple fact that all of us are just HUMAN BEINGS and that is our identity.

Happy sharing.Happy loving.Happy Living.