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Each one of us-with different dreams,different goals and different perspectives,wake up each morning with a new purpose and go about with our different lives.All of us are different,unique and distinguished from one another-yet there are things which brings us all together irrespective of all the differences we have.

If personalities make us different,emotions make us alike.

If religions divide us,humanity brings us together.

If choices make us different,love makes us alike.

If countries divide us,the world brings us together.

The core of everything that we seek is same.The path we walk on may be different but our destinations are the same.We all strive for happiness alike,we are all afraid of being left out,we all want a beautiful life,we all want unconditional love,we all want life-long friendships.We all want HAPPINESS.

The recipe for happiness,in fact,is simply there in our hearts,waiting to be brought out in each one of us,to be shared,to be given,to be felt and to be expressed-without greed,without selfishness and without negativity.

All we need is just a little love,

All we need is just a little care,

All we need is just a little encouragement,

All we need is just a little kindness,

All we need is just a little respect,

All we need is just a little faith,

And the world is a happy place again!!

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Happy Living.



Don’t repent the mistakes you’ve made.For how would we have been able to learn and be a better person today?

The mistakes we have done,

The heights we have fallen from,

These are what have made us what we are-and what we will be.

How would we have known the importance of happiness had we not known what sadness is?

How would we have celebrated every little success had we not known what failure is?

How would we have loved life so dearly had we not known that death is sure?

Don’t regret whatever you have done,if nothing there will be at least a lesson you will learn from it.Don’t look back to a bad past and let it affect your today,instead pave way for a better tomorrow.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE with all your imperfections,your mistakes,your choices,your thoughts,your flaws and your inner self.

What would have been the YOU without the choices you have made-be it good or bad?

How would you have been without the feeling of cherishing  every little achievement of yours?

Life’s all about you and the people and things that surround you.Accept them,Keep living a imperfectly content life that’s solely YOURS.

Happy Living.

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